Monday, August 9, 2010

I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier

Today was Mark and Liz's wedding! Weddings always make me so happy, and these two have been through a lot so they could be together. The sealer in the temple acknowledged their previous marriages, but said, "This one's for keeps." I like that a lot :)

At the reception tonight we talked with Scott and Cara about med school stuff and it was nice. Scott didn't say anything we hadn't heard or talked about before, but just hearing it from someone who's experienced makes it seem more credible.

This is Daniel's brother, Ben. He's on a mission in Taiwan right now and had some fun on his last P Day

It's pretty much the best thing ever

One more random thought: Our upstairs neighbors aren't that loud, but I can always tell what they're watching/listening to based on the beat and base line. Usually it's The Office, but tonight it's The Killers. Now I have "All These Things I've Done" stuck in my head...

-Daniel and Jenn

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