Sunday, August 1, 2010

I just thought I'd let you know

I've been waiting for something NOT med school related to happen this week, but that's all we seem to talk about these days! Daniel is still doing secondaries and getting them sent off, he's a very hard worker and while I miss spending so much time with him, I know that all this will pay off in the end.

Also, Chicago is the new winner when it comes to apartment overpricing. Anything in a decent part of town is at least $1300, while the most expensive stuff I found in Boston was $1300. I still have a few more places to scope out though, so Chicago might be beat yet, but I hope I don't find anything more expensive!

Even though Daniel didn't apply to any schools in Nevada, I love Las Vegas so I just checked out apartments for a few minutes one day and it's surprisingly affordable! I showed Daniel and he recognized a few of the places that were in some of his areas and he said they were in nice parts of town, so maybe we'll put Vegas on our list of residency spots or something.

Here are some little random things worth mentioning...

Ice blocking is so much fun! We had an awesome ward activity on Friday night that included ice blocking and even though I had never tried it before, I was definitely a fan after my first run. It was fun to see who could go the longest before falling off or watching couples make a train and go down together. Daniel went down on his stomach a few times and put his shoes on his hands to help with grass burn, hopefully we didn't ruin the grass too much!

Inception = Amazing! We finally went to see it yesterday and it was sooo good! I typically don't do "thinking" movies (probably because we tend to watch them at night and I get sleepy), but I was determined to follow along and make sense of it all. Of course, you can't understand every single detail of the movie, but I picked up on some things before Daniel did, which was cool. Another aspect of thinking movies I dislike is that there always seem to be 37548794579340 different endings for you to discuss, but for Inception there are really only two, and two is a number I can handle.

All-Sport Passes go on sale tomorrow. I may be a little late for class because I want to make sure I get mine! I'm excited to be in a group with Jordan and Mark and some of our other friends, it'll be nice to spend some more time together!

This is my last week of classes! Technically the last day of school is August 9, but I won't be there because I'll be in Salt Lake with Daniel's family for Mark and Liz's wedding! I'm glad everything finally worked out for them to be together, I know they'll be happy and that makes me happy for them :)

Here's a little rant, just for fun.

I once had a white cardigan cover-up that I loved dearly. Here are some pictures of it (side story: these were taken at DanceSport, the competition Daniel asked me to be his partner for, the one that started our relationship!)

Action shot! Please excuse how weird I look

After we didn't make it through to the next round

I decided I wanted a new cardigan so I could have some more outfit options for the wedding. Seriously, how hard is it to find a white cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves and some buttons? I don't really understand why it took us 45 minutes at the mall yesterday to do this. All I could find were those little ruffle-y bolero things like this

So we finally went to Nordstrom (we typically don't like department stores because they're so ridiculously expensive) and I found this

I would've posted the picture of the white one I actually bought, but the picture was weird. You get the idea though. Plus it was on sale! Yay! The moral of this story is that if you are looking for something specific and the first couple stores you look in do not have this specific item, go to a department store because paying a little more is worth not having to stop in every single other store in the mall.

Finally, I cannot get enough of this song lately! So here's a little late 90s for you...

-Daniel and Jenn

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I read your blog last night, and woke up with that song stuck in my head. Hahahahah, thanks.

    P.S. OF COURSE you can hang out with us!!! Psh, you didn't even have to ask. When will you be home!?