Friday, August 6, 2010

Good new for people who love NC news

Chapel Hill School of Medicine out of state tuition: $37,000 a year
Chapel Hill School of Medicine in state tuition: $12,000 a year

I am a North Carolina resident. Daniel is not. However, because I've claimed NC for 20+ years, Daniel has a very good chance of using my residency to get his own without having to wait a year (in NC (and maybe every state?) you have to live in the state for at least a year before claiming residency). So that means $12,000 tuition for all 4 years instead of one year at $37,000 and the other three at $12,000.

From a financial standpoint, Chapel Hill is our best option. Even with the free tuition at Case Western, Daniel loses a year of salary because it's a five-year program. So we might just be Tar Heels after all.

And more good NC news, Andrew and Matthew are coming home from their missions tonight! I'll be on a camp out by the time they actually touchdown in Wilmington, so someone please direct them to this page so they can see that I'm so happy they're back!

Welcome home boys!


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