Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facebook and Cleveland

So on Facebook this evening I just happened to notice the "Recommended Pages" thing on the side of my News Feed and my recommendations were...

Glenn Beck


Teen Mom


I may need to purge my Facebook a little bit if people think I'm ridiculously conservative and enjoy watching MTV. Those ideas seem to contradict, just sayin'

Also, Case Western Reserve University jumped like 10 spots on our potential med school list today because we found out that if Daniel does a 5 year research emphasis program instead of the regular 4 year one, Case will pay his tuition for ALL 5 YEARS! Pretty sweet deal, yes? So here's some Ohio love to get you excited about Cleveland!

Cleveland rocks!

I found a really funny Cleveland video, but for some reason it won't load properly :( Take 49 seconds of your time and watch this. You will not be disappointed!

I hate this song, but it is about Ohio, so...

-Daniel and Jenn

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