Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview, Inspection, Acceptance, and Brett Favre

So on Friday Daniel woke up at 4:30am to catch the 5:30am bus up to Salt Lake for his Utah interview. He got there at 7am, went to the admissions office, and waited for it to open at 7:30am. There were 4 people interviewing that day, 3 from BYU and one from Utah. First they all went to a brief meeting outlining all they were going to do, then Daniel had his first interview at 8:30am, with a neurosurgeon, which went really well, he felt.  His office was in the Huntsman Cancer Institute and after the interview, he walked Daniel down to the Admissions Office talking the whole way.  His next interview was at 10:30, so he had time to observe a class on ulcerative diseases, which he enjoyed (he would).  His next interview was with a physician working at a nearby hospital, loosely affiliated with the University of Utah.  This interview was much more intense, with a more ethical/hypothetical emphasis as opposed to mostly focusing on Daniel's experiences.  He felt he did pretty well, although there are several questions he felt less positive about.  Afterward he went to another class and then had lunch with some medical students.  In order to catch the right bus, he had to leave early but one of the medical students decided to go with him and make sure he got to the right place.  Unfortunately they didn't make it in time, but the med student very kindly drove him to his next stop and Daniel made it out of SLC on time.

So Daniel caught the bus down to American Fork and I caught the bus up to American Fork and we checked out a car we found on KSL. It's a 2006 Ford Focus and we took it to Tunex for an inspection. We took it for a test drive and the AC is cold (and functional!), it has a good turning radius, it only has 55,000 miles, and it's a pretty color (which is really important, I know). However, it's more scratched up than we thought, it needs a new battery and some flushes, and it's a 4 cylinder (which I don't mind, but Daniel doesn't like it). We made an offer though, so we'll see what happens this week.

We picked a sucky weekend not to have a car. It started raining Saturday morning, stopped for the 2-3-ish hours for the football game, started up again and hasn't really stopped since. Daniel and I walked to church in the sprinkles, but it had picked up by the time 1:30pm rolled around. Luckily we got a ride from the Hartley's, who luckily also live in Parkside.

This afternoon I made these cookies. Usually I don't bake things that are even semi-labor intensive, but these looked amazing and I felt like procrastinating my homework. They look awesome, but they taste even better! Make sure you have some milk though, you're going to need it!

Also, Daniel got his first medical school acceptance! MCoW is a solid school, but right now it's a safety school and not our top choice. But Daniel IS going to med school next year, and we're stoked about it!

The Packers are playing the Vikings tonight. Have I ever mentioned my dislike of Brett Favre? I dislike him greatly. I'm not a crazy Packers fan who hates Favre for leaving Green Bay, I just think he's an old man and he needs to retire and go away. I kind of love this a lot...

For the record, Daniel thinks that even though Favre is old, he's still a great football player and that should trump everything else.

Also, the Panthers finally won today. Way to go boys!

-Daniel and Jenn

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  1. So, next time you need a ride to church, especially if it is raining, I DEMAND that you call us!!

    On another note... those cookies look divine :)