Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So here's what's been going on lately...

1) We scheduled all of Daniel's interviews for the rest of the year
* 10/15 - Medical College of Wisconsin
* 10/18 - University of Wisconsin-Madison
*** It's really nice that Daniel was able to schedule these interviews back-to-back! His brother also gets home from his mission tomorrow, so Daniel will be there for his homecoming and open house!
* 10/22 - University of Utah
* 11/1 - Mayo Clinic
* 11/3 - Washington University
* 11/8 - Georgetown
* 11/15-16 - Case Western Reserve University
*** I have family in Cleveland, so I'm going with Daniel to his Case interview! It'll be a nice break from classes for a couple of days

2) We paid for all of Daniel's interviews. Now we have to work as much as we can to avoid debt

3) Jeff came in last weekend for the annual BYU Chemical Engineering Alumni Homecoming Banquet and Program. It was at a fancy restaurant and we got to dress up and the food was AMAZING and people thought we were Chemical Engineers and there were some great talks and I got a rose from Ecuador. It was pretty fun, even for an English major!

4) Jeff took us to Cascade Springs on Saturday and we walked around for a bit, it was really pretty to see all the leaves changing colors. We went to a Korean restaurant by Smith's for lunch and it was good, just slow service (lunchtime on a Saturday with one waitress will do that).

5) BYU won the homecoming football game! Daniel wore his cheesehead and Mark wrote "Go Pack" on his face, and together they channeled the success of the Green Bay Packers to LaVell Edwards stadium and we won! The cheesehead has thus been deemed magic, so Daniel and Mark will continue their tribute to the Packers and hopefully we'll continue to win!

6) Over the summer Daniel's mom's side of the family had a reunion at Bear Lake. Everyone met in Sandy and took a family picture before heading up there, and Jeff brought us our pictures while he was here. Here we all are...

I won't bore you with listing everyone's names, but I can do it if you ask! Also, please note how well Ben was Photoshopped in (he's two over from Daniel in the back row).

The Lindsay's...

I have the cutest niece and nephew of ALL TIME. Too bad Ben wasn't special enough to get Shopped here.

Our little family...

My skin isn't that great in real life.

One last thing for now. My boss's cousin's daughter (so his cousin once removed) has been having some health problems for the last several weeks. She's only 2, so her mother (my boss's cousin) has been blogging and keeping everyone updated. I read some of her stuff today and even though this little girl has experienced every medical setback under the sun, her mom is still able to appreciate the tender mercies and see the silver lining is every obstacle. Here's the link so you can check it out: Click me!

Ok, I lied. This is the last thing...

-Daniel and Jenn


  1. 1. Cheeseheads are awesome! I'll look for you guys next game, maybe come say hi :)

    2. The pictures are way good! I liked the photoshopping/picture frame, can't leave anybody out!

    3. That's QUITE a lot of interviews, I didn't realize you guys had THAT much going on. Good luck!!

  2. Nice post. But I think Daniel might have channeled a little too much of the Green Bay Packers because he stole their winning power.