Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sister Spotlight

Today, my spotlight was chosen in Relief Society. It was fun, but the lady doing it didn't get to the good stuff. So here's my spotlight, in Daniel's own words (and mine in the parentheses)...


Name: Jenn Yankey (we'd been married like 2 months at this point, I don't know why he put my maiden name)

Birthday: 9 November 1989

Her hometown: Wilmington, NC (the lady reading today made it seem like Daniel wrote that for
where I was born, birthplace and hometown are two separate things!)

When were you married: July 10, 2009

Where: Washington, DC

Where does she work: HBLL

School: BYU

How did you meet: She was the cute girl in my dance class. I didn't out she was a freshman until after I was smitten (uh-huh, sure)

What was the worst date: Lunch at the MOA. We weren't clicking. I found out later it was because she was feeling guilty about cheating on her long distance bf (guilty. I love that he used "bf" here)

What us her favorite candy: Crispy M&Ms (unfortunately they're only sold in Europe now)

What is her favorite food or restaurant: Thai lemon grass soup (is he good or what?)

What is your pet name for her: Babe

What is her pet name for you: Cinnamon Buns (thank you Demetri Martin)

What do most people not know about her: She was a teenage bride (yup)

If she was a fictional character who would she be: Princess Leia (props for correct spelling)

What is her favorite movie: The Wedding Planner, or some other ridiculous chick flick (no comment)

What is her dream vacation: Caribbean cruise (or a cruise to the Bahamas, I'm not picky)

What do you love most about her: Her discipline and her ability to organize time effectively

Daniel will be home tomorrow, YAY!


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